What is Nommi?

            Nommi is an LTE hotspot with virtual SIM and ARON (TM) technology for seamless global internet access. It has following features:
            • eSIM - hussle free connection all around the world.
            • ARON technology - seamless 4G-to-Wi-Fi switching, with a growing database of over 4 million Wi-Fi networks all over the world.
            • Wi-Fi Map - download the map of any city you're visiting and find nearby Wi-Fi spots.
            • Guest Wi-Fi - manage data consumption of your guest users and protect your own network by creating a separate one.
            • WiFi range extender - Nommi extends your home Wi-Fi range.
            • File sharing - access information on your microSD at any time.
            • Powerbank - charge your devices on the go.
            • Quick charge - speeds up the charging.
            • Wireless charge - Nommi Power supports Qi charging.
            • Physical SIM slot - you can insert local SIM card and use Nommi as a regular hotspot.

            Updated: 4 days ago
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