1. Activate the SIM card of the digital cellular operator izi

- Download the izi app from Play Market or App Store.

- Launch the application and select the service package that suits you best (GB, minutes, SMS and unlimited). Don't forget to use promo code "NOMMIX" to get 5 GB of bonus internet traffic.

- Enter your number and confirmation code from SMS.

- Choose a new number or switch to izi with your own number.

- In the menu for choosing the delivery method, indicate "I already have a SIM card". 

- Scan QR on SIM card and ID document, take a selfie;

- Top up the balance using a bank card in the izi application. Wait until the activation of the number is completed.

- Insert the SIM card into your smartphone and restart it.

2. Connect to Nommi

- Insert the activated SIM card into the Nommi, the SIM holder is on the left side of the device.

- Turn on the device. The two LED indicators should turn green.

- Go to Settings of your electronic device> Wi-Fi> Select "Nommi_xxxxxx" from the list of available hotspots and enter the password (default password: 23456789).


Congratulations, you are connected to Nommi with a SIM card from a digital mobile operator izi! Nommi + izi is your right choice!