1. Does the SIM card work at your location (Does the SIM card's mobile operator have coverage at your location)? You can test the SIM card with other devices like phone and tablet. 

2. Does the SIM card have a tethering option? Please check if it is for mobile hotspots with the mobile operator. 

3. Is the SIM card inserted correctly? See the example below: 

4. Select Physical SIM mode on the app and restart your device with the power button on the device. Nommi app > Profile > My device  > SIM mode > Physical SIM 

5. Check your APN settings. Connect to Nommi network> open Nommi app > My device > SIM settings > APN.  You can get your APN details from the mobile operator. 

6. Does the SIM card have a PIN code? You will need to remove the PIN code. Steps: 

- Connect to Nommi network 
- Copy this to your browser or
- Enter the PIN code
- Press Apply
- Restart Nommi.