Step 1. Download the Nommi app to your smartphone

 Make sure you have the Internet connection to download the app either with cellular data or with a Wi-Fi network.

Nommi app is available on the App Store and Play Market.

Step 2. Turn ON Nommi

The two light indicators should light up green.

Please read «Nommi indicator lights» for more information.

Step 3. Open the Nommi app, Register and Pair Nommi to your account

Make sure you have the Internet connection either with cellular data or with a Wi-Fi network.

  • Registration:

Create an account using email, Facebook or Google.

  • Pairing: 

Enter your 6-digit SSID.

You can find SSID on the outer box of Nommi or on the back of the device.

Step 4. Connect to Nommi 

After pairing Nommi to your account you need to connect to Nommi. Please wait for 1-2 minutes.

Please make sure Nommi is turned ON. 

option 1: Open Nommi app > main page Nommi > click on Connect

option 2: Go to Settings of your phone > Wi-Fi > choose «Nommi_xxxxxx» from the list and enter the password (default passwords is: 23456789)

Step 5. Get internet access. 

Please note that you do not have internet access on Nommi yet, therefore indicators will be blinking red.

In order to connect to the internet on your phone via Nommi, you may choose one of 3 ways below: 

  • Purchase package

  • Turn ON Wi-Fi extender (if any Wi-Fi is available nearby)

  • Insert Physical SIM card into Nommi