Step 1. Download Nommi app to your smartphone
Make sure you have an Internet connection to download the app either with cellular data or
with a Wi-Fi network. Nommi app is available on the App Store and Play Market.

Step 2. Turn on Nommi

The two light indicators should light up green. If later you’d like to better understand which led means what - check out «Description of Nommi indicator lights»

Step 3.Register Nommi

Open Nommi app, and create an account using email, Facebook, or Google account. Make sure you have an Internet connection at your place, either via cellular data or via a Wi-Fi network

Step 4. Use your physical SIM / Extend your Wi-Fi coverage / Get your data package

As soon as you get registered, 3 options of using Nommi show up on the screen. Please choose one of the options and follow the instructions given inside of them.

In all three options, you will need to enter the device SSID. You can find the SSID on the outer box of Nommi or on the back of the device

Step 5.Connect to Nommi

Make sure Nommi is turned on

option 1: On the main page Nommi > click on Connect button

option 2: Go to Settings of your phone > Wi-Fi > choose «Nommi_xxxxxx» from the list and enter the password (default passwords is: 23456789)