The 1st indicator light shows the battery level of the Nommi. When Nommi is not on charge, it does not light up, it stays dark.  

In order to identify Nommi’s battery level press the power button once, the indicator will light up: green, yellow or red. 

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The 2nd indicator shows Nommi’s connection status.

When Nommi is connected to the internet via eSIM or a physical SIM inserted into it, the indicator light will blink green if it is on LTE/4G and will blink yellow if it is on 2G/3G.

When Nommi is connected to the internet as a Wi-Fi extender the indicator light will blink red or blue (for Nommi devices with SSID starting from 8_ _ _ _).

When Nommi is turned on and paired, but does not have the internet it blinks red.