Nommi Wi-Fi Extender allows you to cover Wi-Fi dead zones at home or office. Simply place Nommi between you and your stationery modem to extend Wi-Fi coverage.

Wi-Fi Extender's performance depends on your Wi-Fi network's type and what signal it shares, Nommi can connect both to 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz.

STEP 1: Please make sure you're connected to Nommi Wi-Fi. 

Option 1. Open Nommi app >go to Profile > My device > Wi-Fi Extender > turn ON > select one from the list of available Wi-Fi connections.

Option 2. Open Nommi app > the Main page > Turn on Wi-Fi Extender window > select one from the list of available Wi-Fi connections. 

Please note that when connected to Wi-Fi Extender you may experience speed loss by 2x or 2,5x which is normal for a Wi-Fi extenders.